Spiral Energy Healing

Meet, Audrey

Audrey has been practicing reiki in Scottsdale since 2018 and was first certified in reiki at the young age of 12. She works intuitively with her clients to bring healing and comfort for a wide array of ailments. Audrey has a very grounded and calming energy and listens carefully to what her clients share with her. She loves working with clients of all ages.

What is reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique stemming from Japan. A reiki practitioner channels Life Force energy through their palms into the recipient. This energy boosts the body's own healing abilities, clears energetic blockages, balances the chakras, and relieves physical pain and disease. Reiki can be applied to just about any ailment, whether it be physical pain, anxiety, stress, or emotional hardship. It is a pure energy that can do no harm and almost always leads to relaxation and greater quality of life.


Peace and Relaxation

Release emotional trauma and stress.

Balance Chakras

Open energy centers so energy can freely flow.

Physical Healing

Release pain, stagnation, and promote healing.

The Experience

"I felt relaxed & refreshed after my last session and I love her peaceful energy."

"When I came to do reiki with Audrey, it was during a time of great loss and it was a beautiful, healing experience doing reiki with her."

"I felt instantly lighter after she preformed reiki on me."

"The session I had with her was one of the most powerful reiki sessions I’ve ever had! I felt and saw my aura at the end of the session and it felt amazing!"

Booking a session

Call or Text: (480) 326-0691

Email inquiries to: audreyroodvoets@gmail.com

2928 N 70th St., Suite E, Scottsdale, AZ 85251